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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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Twitter Audience Buildup



This is the online vitrine of your brand. You need to have it and it needs to look good.

This helps your clients and audience to easily find you. We make sure if anyone searches for you on google for example; You pop up!

Facebook is considered as one of the main Web 2.0 Platforms. With the help of a professional marketing agency you can put your service or product in front of the audience best suited for your brand. Instagram marketing also falls under this category.

Experience has shown us that by having a decent audience on twitter you can execute activation marketing techniques much easier. For example if you want to have a 40% off sale for a special event, twitter announcements help a lot. First you need to build the right audience or else who is going to see it?

This service is usually used by brands that want to GO BIG! By the help of our high end content producer ventures we can organically build a YouTube channel where you can advertise your brand. We also will help you to monetize that channel, meaning you can create revenue from the YouTube content as well.

There are more web 2.0 marketing & networking techniques that businesses require such as Linkedin profile buildup and email groups. We can consult and help you with those as well.



web 3.0

MetaVers & VR

AR (Augmented Reality)

NFT Collections

While having a physical location for your business has its obvious benefits, you know what is way cooler? A VIRTUAL SPACE where anyone can experience your brand with just a click on a link. Nice eh? Link up for more info.

Ok This is some freaky deaky Sci-Fi stuff. Have you seen those movies where holograms of people and objects just pop up out of devices into the air?! Well it’s kinda like that but different. We can create filters and 3D models of your brand and products so you can see it through your phone camera in the real world… Or as an IG filter… Or snapchat… you get the idea.

This is a very secure way of selling memberships. You usually sell these to a massive crowd with the promise to deliver special long term services to them. There are many more benefits and utilities as well. You can give us a call to find out how it can help your brand specifically.

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